Student Uploads

To upload research to the “Research Highlights” tab on this site, do the following:

1. Obtain the “guest author” login and password from Dr. St.Clair.
2. Go to and login.
3. On the left sidebar, hover over “posts” and click “add new.”
4. Add a title and text to your post. Be sure to include your name in the post.
5. Click “add media” to add photos and movies. If you need help, watch this tutorial. It is an older version of WordPress, but it has the basic principles.
6. Under “categories” at the right of the screen, select “Research Highlights.” This will allow your post to appear on the correct page when you publish it.
7. Click “Publish.”
8. Open a new browser tab, go to and find your post under the top tab “Research Highlights.”

9. If you need to make changes, log in again, hover over “posts” on the right and click “all posts.” Find yours and click on it.
10. Make changes and click update.

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